Free 5 minute Golf Warm-Up

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Free 5 minute Golf Warm-Up

Is this you?

  • “It always takes 3-4 holes for my back to warm up.”
  • “After 9 holes, my shoulder aches.”
  • “My swing is so stiff!”

I got you covered.

We need to get you moving better. Below, I have a free 5 minute warm-up that will stop you from having any of those excuses above. All I ask is that give you it a try.

The problem is that people think they need to watch a swing video on YouTube to fix their issue instead of improving their movement. Don't get me wrong, your swing most likely needs work like the rest of us, but in order to make true change you need a combo of both.

There is a reason all of the PGA players spend almost every day working on their body - whether they are getting massages, stretching, working out, the list goes on. 

Unfortunately, the average golfer doesn't have time or does not want to put the time in to improve their body movement. With that said, going through a 5-minute mobility routine before swinging a club can do wonders.

Your back should not need 3-4 holes to warm up! This routine will improve your hip and shoulder rotation which will mitigate any compensation from the lower back. Meaning, less pain and strain!

The point I hope you see I am trying to make is that you need to prioritize your body. If you want to play “forever” like we all do, take a few minutes each day to go through the stretching routine I have below. 

Areas to focus on:

  • Hips
  • Shoulder
  • Spine
  • Wrists

This could be different for everyone, but these areas tend to be the most stiff for the average golfer. The warm up below consists of drills to work on each of these areas in a simple way.

The warm-up is a great “bang for your buck” routine that will hopefully get you to stop making excuses for shanking it out of the first tee box!

Click on the picture below to access the warm up videos. Simply click on the exercise and a video will pop up showing you how to do it. I recommend doing this before each round and throughout the week to improve your movement.

If you have questions, drop them below. I look forward to hearing all of your feedback!

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