Golf: 4 Mobility Exercises in 4 Minutes

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Golf: 4 Mobility Exercises in 4 Minutes

Golfers produce some of the fastest movements in all of sports. In fact, the average club head speed during the 2019 PGA season was 113 mph. There is a lot of power the body needs to produce in order to reach speeds over 100 mph. Understanding the demand golf places on a player is important. When preparing the body for competition, one needs to properly warm up to not only perform at the highest level, but prevent injury as well.


Between herniated discs, fractured ribs, back soreness, and shoulder pain there are a lot of common injuries golfers suffer from. According to GolfWorld, more than a third of golfers miss time due to an injury. This may be because of improper training, overuse, or insufficient warm ups. Stepping back from tour players, the best in the world, amateur golfers never rarely ever warm up. Many golfers up the first tee and swing away. Is this smart? Absolutely not. Then you hear them complain after the 3rd hole that their back is tight or their neck is stiff. prior to swinging a club, try this simple four minute warm-up routine.


4 Mobility Exercises in 4 Minutes


Perform each exercise for one minute each. Click here for video demonstrations.


Foot Scoops

Target area: Hamstring and calf stretch

Motion: Step one foot out in front of the other, sit your hips back, and make a scooping motion under the lead foot.


Oscillating Cossack Squat

Target area: Frontal plane. A very much neglected area that is important in the golf swing.

Motion:Spread your feet out about double the width of a squat, sit into one side, keeping your hips low, move to the other side.


Ankle Grab and Reach

Target area: Quad stretch and hamstring/glute activation drill. This is an advanced movement.

Motion: Grab one foot, pull to your glute and reach the opposite hand in front of you as you hinge forward.


Standing Windmill

Target area: Thoracic and hip mobility. One of my favorites.

Motion: Feet are hip width, reach arm down the same side as the opposite hand reaches towards the sky.


After these four exercises, you will hopefully feel better and hit the ball further!


If you have questions or mobility exercises you like to do, share below!

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