Physical Preparation For Golf: Part 1

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Physical Preparation For Golf: Part 1

Each time I coach golfers, I start out by asking, “What is your biggest limiting factor in your golf game?” In all of my years, not one person has ever mentioned their physical ability being their deficit and unknowingly, it most likely is a major disadvantage in their game. So, they are going to the range trying to recreate that slice fixer tip they saw on youtube, but really should be working on hip mobility and that just may be the fix.


In this article, I will walk you through two screenings you can do on yourself. Some of the information I got from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), in which many PGA golfers have a TPI certified coach as part of their team.


Adequate movement is key to reduce the risk of injury and hit bombs!


Before we get into it, let’s make sure you perform this correctly.

  • Do not warm up prior

  • Record pass or fail in your phone notes and write the date above

  • Also, write where you felt the tightness and the severity




The first area we are going to check is the hips. Insufficient hip mobility can result in not only shanks, slices, snap hooks, flubs, etc. but it can also cause an injury. When the hips don’t move, the lower back can take over and many of you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Let’s see if your hips need a little love.


90/90 Hip Mobility Drill: click here to watch

Sit down and create a 90 degree angle with front and back legs. If you can sit up tall with your shoulders over your hips and not use your hands to balance, you pass that side. Now, let’s switch sides. You will most likely feel a difference from one side to the other. That’s okay, nobody is perfectly symmetrical. One side you may pass, while the other you may fail. Make sure to mark this down!



Next up, the shoulders. Most people have horrendous posture (you probably just fixed it as you read this). Shoulders are rounded forward, upper back is stuck in flexion and your head sits forward. Not good for golf.


Back To Wall Shoulder Flexion: click here to watch


Find a wall and put your head, upper back, and lower back against it. Walk your feet out about 1-2 feet and bend your knees slightly. Keeping your arms straight, draw a big half circle. The goal is to touch your thumbs to the wall. You fail if any of the following happens: arms bend, lower back comes off wall, and head comes off wall. Do not try to push through pain or extreme tightness, it’s not a competition! Mark down how far you were able to reach your arms over head.


Alright, now you have a good idea of your hip and shoulder mobility. If you did not do too well on either, the next step is to work on these areas! Click here for an easy mobility routine you start working on today!

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