Will you be in shape after the quarantine is over?

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Will you be in shape after the quarantine is over?

Before getting into this, I just want to express how sad I am to watch athlete's seasons end before even starting. I feel for all of those athletes who prepared themselves in every which way to compete this Spring. With that in mind, this is not the time to let all of your progress disappear.


Unfortunately, the quarantine has resulted in many athletes sitting inside doing school work, watching Netflix, and playing video games. Obviously the first activity is a must, but their needs to be added physical activity. There is no excuse to not go in your backyard and work on your sport, go for a run, or do push-ups and squats. If there is a will, there is a way.


I get that the quarantine demotivated people, but eventually this will be lifted and sports will resume. Believe me when I say that you will know who chose to stay active and who did not.


I decided to put together a speed and agility program to help athletes who are lost with what to do. You simply need yourself and some space to run around.


I call it "Return To Play" for two reasons. First, this is a program that works on all of the basics of speed and agility for athletes of almost all sports. Second, it gives hope that the return to play will be sooner than later.


Ideally this program will do the following:

  • - Keep you in shape

  • - Decrease chance of injury once you return to play

  • - Improve ability to chance direction

  • - Enhance ability to accelerate

  • - Increase endurance


Below is the program. All movements have a video demo if needed, just click on the drill and it will show you.


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